We offer Artist Proofs for photographers looking to verify color and editing choices prior to investing in large or important prints. These are not meant for clients. The watermark 'PROOF' will be on every print.

Artist Proofs are 5x7 and are printed on the exact paper and printer you plan on using for your future order.

This allows you to check for color, density and any other editing choices you want to preview.

Artist Proofs will not go through our strict Quality Assurance Protocol as they are meant to be a preview, not the final print.

Artist Proofs are 40% off our normal prices and will ship First Class USPS. 

All Matted Album Purchases include one free set of Artist Proofs.

To Order

 Place an order like normal and put Artist Proof in the Order Notes for the corresponding files and we will manually refund you 40% on your order.

If you place a mixed order (some Artist Proofs and Non-Artist Proofs) we'll ship the Artist Proofs for free.

If you place an order with only Artist Proofs, we'll refund you half the shipping.