MUSEA Spotlight - Megan Wilson

Meet Megan Wilson

Why did you become a photographer?
I became a photographer to give families beautiful portraits. To capture those first weeks of life or those important milestones or all the love that you have for your family….I want to give these memories to my clients so they remember that point in their lives. I purchased a DSLR before my son was born to have better photos of our new family and because I knew how much those photos meant to me, I knew they would mean a lot to others.

What do you photograph and why?
I photograph maternity, newborn, baby/child, and family. When I started my business in 2011, my son was around 8 months old and my friends were having babies and it is kind of where I fell. Which is exactly where my heart is. I truly love babies and children and seeing their little personalities and the pride in parents eyes when they look at their new baby or family, there really is nothing better to witness. Babies and children change so much so quickly and to provide a moment frozen in time is a gift to give.

What's the biggest factor in your long-term business success?
I would say my connection with my clients. I do try to get to know each of my clients. These sessions are super personal. They are trusting a complete stranger to take their new baby and photograph them. They put a lot of trust in me which is an honor, so I want to get to know them as a person and a family. And I think because I take that time and make the session all about them, they appreciate it which brings them back for other milestones and new babies. They also want to tell their friends and family and those friends and family want to have that same experience. Referrals are the biggest gift and a big part of my business. I don’t just want my clients to book and receive their images. I want to create a wonderful experience and memory for them. 

Why do you use the MUSEA Lab?
There is no other lab that prints at the quality of MUSEA. The paper is perfect for my brand, the colors are always exactly how they should be, and the customer service is unmatched. I know that when I place my orders for my clients and for my own prints that I will be completely happy and in love with what I receive.

Can you share a story from your business that illustrates why prints are important?
This isn’t a business story, but a personal one that solidifies the weight of importance I put on prints….A couple years ago our hard drive crashed to the point of no return. That hard drive contained every digital image from our wedding. Heartbroken does not even describe what I was feeling. I had no idea where our disc was on top of that. To my shock, the photographer still had our files after 6 years and sent them to us, but had he not I would have only had the prints I had and our album. Over the years technology and how we store and transport digital images has changed and will continue to change. What we store on computers and cds and usb drives will not always be around or at least accessible. But those prints will be around and cherished for so many years.

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