MUSEA Spotlight - Shannon Cait

Why did you become a photographer?

My grandfather and father both worked as professional photographers, so photography has always been around me and a part of my family history. In a nutshell, I was a CPA working in Los Angeles. My now husband bought a "nice" camera to document his proposal in 2008. We started a blog to keep our family up to date on our lives, which eventually turned into a lifestyle blog. Having the blog was a creative outlet and allowed me the opportunity to learn to use the camera so I could bring my visions to life and create new content. Over time, I continued taking pictures and learning the camera. People began asking me to photograph their engagement portraits, weddings, and even newborns. Once my son was born in 2012, the blog went on the back burner as well as my CPA career. I decided to stay at home full time with him and soak up as much time with him as possible. I photographed his newborn pictures, monthly pictures, and slowly fell in love with capturing his every little roll, drool, and smile. I was never able to be in the pictures with him, as I was the one taking them, and this has made me want to be able to give this gift of everlasting memories to other mothers out there. I encourage all of my clients to be in the photographs and educate them on the importance of getting in the picture with your little ones because they don't care what you look like, to them you are just "Mom" and they love you for that!

What do you photograph and why?

My passion and business is focused around maternity, newborns, children, and families. In the beginning, I was unsure what direction I wanted to take my business in, as I had loved weddings and working with adult clients who could take direction. Once I had my son, I realized how quickly time passes and that photographs are all you have to remember those details you think you will never forget. I realized how much I truly treasure each and every photograph of my own children and found myself loving the opportunity to be a part of my clients' lives and document their family story by preserving and capturing the fleeting moments of childhood. It is truly a gift to be invited into their family and trusted with their most prized loved ones and create lasting memories for them!

What's the biggest factor in your long term business success?

Showing clients the value of tangible products has been a big turning point and has allowed me to take my craft from a hobby to a sustainable business. I wholeheartedly believe that photographs are best viewed in a tangible format whether that is in an album or displayed as wall art. Holding prints in your hand or flipping through an album provides a special intimacy as families relive those timeless moments together. Framed fine art prints are one of my very favorite products I offer. There is no better art for a home than that of your own family and to know that so many walls are filled with photographs of lasting memories is a priceless gift as an artist.

Why do you use the MUSEA Lab?

The colors are perfection and the prints represent the way I want my art to look. The prints have a tangible feel with gorgeous colors and create an experience that clients cannot make themselves. When a client holds a MUSEA print they know they are holding something truly unique and special. I know that I am delivering my clients the very best products that will last a lifetime and then some.

Can you share a story from your business that illustrates why prints are important?

My entire client experience is based around a tangible product and knowing that it will be around for many generations. I just had a client tell me that she was away for the weekend and her little 18-month old was desperately missing her and calling out "mama". He walked over and hugged their family picture and held it tight in his arms. He missed his mama and that print was all he had to hold on to and allowed him to feel close to her. That single print sits in their living room and is viewed multiple times a day. It will show the children that their parents are proud of them and remind them that they are so very loved and that is something a screen just cannot offer.

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