MUSEA Spotlight - Allison Craig

Why did you become a photographer?
It's so cliche, but I got a Canon Rebel, and started taking pictures of my oldest. I was bad...I mean, bad. But, my friends told me I was good, asked me to take pictures of their kiddos, and my ego grew bigger and bigger. One day, I received a phone call, from a stranger, asking me to photograph their family. Obviously that meant I was good enough to have a business, so I filed all of my papers, got my sales tax permit, and charged them $100. Really. I did love photographing kiddos, and saw the value in preserving moments. Having a young family, I saw how quickly they changed, and that fueled my desire to document the journey.

What do you photograph and why?
I photograph pregnant mamas, newborn babies, and young families. I connect so well with these people, because I am going through this life stage, too. I have endless patience with all kids except mine, so that creates a very laid back, relaxed session where we preserve very authentic moments. I didn't have portraits like this with my babies, so my longing for such has allowed me to create and deliver an experience I wish I had. I love portraits of mamas and their littles, simply because the connection is unlike any other...and same with a family. I wish that those who don't invest in portraits could feel what it's like to see images of yourself in print. It's truly unlike anything else, and so important (whether they know it, or not)!

What's the biggest factor in your long-term business success?
Constant drive to grow, refine my brand, and set myself apart from the 8,274 other Houston photographers. This is something that is tackled daily, and there's nothing that can replace good hustle.

Why do you use the MUSEA lab?
MUSEA is unlike any other print on the market. I deliver a high-end experience and have a high-end brand, so it only makes sense that I carry only the best. Sure the COGS are higher than other "common" labs, but the quality, customer service, and end-product is unmatched.

Can you share a story, from your business, that illustrates why prints are important?
I had a long-time client, who had lots of sessions with me. She lost her beloved pup, and I immediately remembered that she brought her to one of the sessions. I was able to print and send her a portrait, something that was far better than a blurry cell phone print. Life deserves more than that, and I was able to give her something that will be on her mantle for many, many years.

Besides the above, which will sadly happen to all of us at one point, clients honestly don't realize the importance of prints until they have them. Once they do, it's all they want. That's my job-to show them the value in printing their portraits.

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