MUSEA Spotlight - Christy Johnson


Why did you become a photographer?

I’ve always been creative, more a writer than a photographer, and I’ve always known I’d own a business. I started out as a preschool teacher before realizing the profession would never allow me to support myself, much less grow into owning a child care business. For years, I drifted through various marketing and sales positions. My first daughter was born in 2006, which prompted my first DSLR purchase, and I flung myself into a major photography obsession. After the recession and the loss of my last sales job, my husband and I decided to realign our family goals and simplify our lives in order to take my fledgling photography side business full-time.

What do you photograph and why?

Bring me all the babies! I specialize in maternity, newborn, and baby’s first year. As I mentioned above, I started out many moons ago as a preschool teacher, and I often joke that I communicate better with people under the age of five than I do with grown adults! Babies allow me the freedom to play, to be silly, and to sing Raffi songs. Specializing in babies also helps me to work mostly during the week rather than every single weekend. My daughters are both in elementary school, so I need plenty of weekend time to be with them.

What’s the biggest factor in your long term business success?

Being true to myself. I hear a lot of talk that the industry is over-saturated and that’s there’s no real way to stand out. I think that being unapologetically authentic in everything I do, from the relationships I build with my clients to the work that I put out into the world makes me and my business unique. When you learn to trust that your voice has value, you begin to differentiate yourself from the competition. Building on your strengths and amplifying that voice, along with good ol' sound business practices, equal long term success.

Why do you use the MUSEA lab?

To be quite honest, MUSEA makes me look better than I am! Ha!

Seriously though, I admire and want to work with businesses that align with my own core values, including high standards of quality, a commitment to excellent customer service, and a giving spirit that nurtures the people and world around us.

I’ve printed with MUSEA for a few years now, and I love that I can always count on the prints turning out beautifully. I’m proud to hand off a MUSEA print to my clients, every time.

Can you share a story from your business that illustrates why prints are important?

I can’t think of a story off the top of my head, but I often tell my clients often that my goal is to produce artwork that will live on their walls until their babies are having babies. Creating timeless pieces that are treasured enough to have a special spot in their homes for a lifetime is what it's all about for me.

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