MUSEA Spotlight - Mandy Johnson

Why did you become a photographer?

I remember as a little girl always being in love with photographs, I would look thru albums for hours and ask my mom about the people in the photographs. As a teen I was enamored by the old Benetton ads, remember the ones with the mixed races all tangled up together?? Those took my breath away! That was the first time I remember how powerful photography could be! 

What do you photograph and why?

I photograph LOVE.  Yes… so very cheesy but true! I photograph people, people in love, people waiting on new life, raising families and all the in between. I do not photograph people getting married or birthing babies.. but just about everything else :) I love the relationships, the quirky things that make each family a family and the cuteness that all people hold! I couldn’t stand the stress of a wedding day, I do not do well with stress and stressed out people :) ha, So I knew almost immediately weddings were not for me! Kids get me, I get them so it works really well! 

What's the biggest factor in your long-term business success?

Providing the best experience for my clients. Remembering it is my job to deliver a finished piece to them that will last for generations, remembering it is not their job to know how to print and display portraits, that is our job as photographers! My clients are looking for a high-end experience built on trust and respect but also fun and authentic care for their family. They start the experience knowing we are expensive but leave knowing why we are expensive and understanding the value in what we offer! 

Why do you use the MUSEA Lab?

I wanted to truly believe we were offering our clients the best-finished portrait we could. I wanted to feel proud of my work and the end result, I didn't feel that way until I ordered from MUSEA. I fell in love with photography again when I saw my work printed thru MUSEA and I knew I would never go back to a lustre print. I would never go back to a larger lab that didn’t put in the hand printing care of MUSEA print. It was a huge leap for me, I was sponsored by the largest lab in the industry and I struggled with leaving, I was a loyal customer. But I knew this was the best choice for my customers! I have never looked back! 

Can you share a story from your business that illustrates why prints are important?

I don’t think I have that one great story from a client about the importance of prints, however, I know that is why I stand out in my area and why my customers come back to me over and over. They spend thousands of dollars because they want more than a digital copy. They want the feeling of holding their children's portraits in their hands and having beautiful finished pieces on their walls. Last year I had two huge losses in my life, losing my grandfather and my father to cancer. I have never craved, searched and been more grateful for all of our family pictures. Everything from a cheap Walgreens 4x6 to my beautiful fine art prints. They are truly what we hold onto after we lose someone. You want to surround yourself with the tangible memories, they are everything. I always believed this but last year made it so very clear to me what I am truly doing for my clients, I am forever grateful to be able to offer that gift to them. Yes, now I'm crying and yes I want to scream from the rooftops…. TAKE MORE PHOTOGRAPHS—— PRINT THEM ALL!! 

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