MUSEA Spotlight - Jody Dixon

Meet Jody Dixon

Why did you become a photographer?

I've wanted to be a photographer ever since I got my first camera when I was around 7 years old. I guess something just ignited inside of me all those years ago that has never extinguished. Photography is magical and powerful. It can freeze a moment and keep it for you to always have and look back on. It can transport you to places you've never been, show you things you've never seen, make you care about people you've never met, show you creatures you never knew existed, or simply show you something you've seen a thousand times in a brand new way. A single simple photograph can make you laugh, smile, cry, hurt, act, or just sit and appreciate a moment. Because of all of this - and so much more - how could I not want to become a photographer?

What do you photograph and why?

I photograph families with young children, mostly babies and newborns. Honestly, I didn't choose child photography, it chose me. I know most family photographers, especially women, stories begin when they had their own babies. But, I never had any babies. I did (and do), however have a strong family bond and am deeply sentimental and nostalgic. So, I suppose it made sense that when my oldest sister had her kids I constantly had a camera pointed at them clicking away trying to capture every moment and detail. Soon her friends asked me to photograph their children, and their friends asked me to photograph their children, and my business grew from there. I couldn't be happier that this genre chose me. I feel so tremendously honored to be the one selected to capture precious memories for my clients. 


What's the biggest factor in your long-term business success?

Providing something unique for my clients, whether that's a product, a service, or simply my artistic vision. The more like everyone else I become the less likely I am to succeed. 

Why do you use the MUSEA Lab?

Because Musea is the best. Just like a painter - the colors, tones, highlights, shadows, and everything in between in an image are choices I made as an artist. Therefore each of those nuances, as I have envisioned and created them, must be accurately represented in print. Musea does this and does it exquisitely. Every. Single. Time. 

Can you share a story from your business that illustrates why prints are important?

I have been a family photographer for 10 years. In those 10 years I have had uncountable clients, friends, and family members tell me all kinds of technology woes involving their digital files. They have had computers die or been updated and files have been lost, that they don't understand the "cloud" and don't know how to find pictures from years ago, they had their images on some kind of hardware that their new computer no longer accepts. In fact, just a few weeks ago I had a client reach out to ask if I still had the images from her sessions with me spanning six years because something happened and they were all lost. Six years!! The tales are endless and so heartbreaking. They are a constant reminder of the importance of print. 

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