The prints we produce at MUSEA are designed to be displayed in art galleries and they are very delicate. Most wedding, portrait and family photographers are used to lustre, canvas or metal prints, which are not as fragile, so we've created this page to help you better understand how to care for our prints.



Materials and Printing Process

The best place to start is with our materials and printing process. We print 7 different papers and 4 of those are Hanemühle and Canson papers, which are made of cotton. The matte cotton papers (Museum Etching, Canson Rag and Ultra Smooth) are very delicate. The Platine, Satin and Lustre papers have a coating over them, which makes them more durable to dust and fingerprints.

When we print we are literally spraying the ink onto the surface of the paper. This process is often referred to as a 'giclèe print' or 'inkjet print'. If you touch the matte paper with your skin, then you are touching the ink and cotton substrate directly which will easily show scuff marks, scratches and oil from your hands. 

The combination of our materials and printing process produces beautifully accurate prints, but they also must be respected and handled with extreme care.

Below are some tips on how to take care of our prints to keep them looking pristine over time.



We offer matting services to simultaneously help protect our prints and to increase the presentation quality. In regards to care, matting your prints gives your clients something to hold on to so that they won't be directly touching the surface of the ink and paper.

You can learn about our matting services at



The absolute best way to project our prints for the longest amount of time is by getting them framed behind glass or plexiglass. This gives your clients the highest level of protection against UV light and dust.

We suggest you either offer our framing services or work with a local framer.


Care for Loose Prints

The biggest challenge is taking care of the Museum Etching, Canson Rag and Ultra Smooth when they are loose. There are 3 things you can do to help take care of loose prints.

  1. Have us put a 1/4" border on the prints to keep the ink off the edges and to give your clients a 'non-ink' area to touch.
  2. Put vellum in-between each stacked print. For example; a set of 5x7's in a box. Put vellum between each print.
  3. Give your clients a pair of cotton gloves to slip on when handling the prints. These are affordable and you can get easily.

If you use the Platine or Satin papers, then you don't need to be as cautious. They will stand up to more handling than the Museum Etching, Canson Rag and Ultra Smooth.