Welcome to EDIT.

We offer personalized editing services for professional photographers.

You will be paired with your exclusive editor based on your style, subject matter, and editing needs. You will get to know your editor, and they will get to know your look and vision.

You will not be bounced around to a different editor every time you have a shoot for us to work on. Your work will not be sent overseas to be edited. All editors have been trained in-house at the MUSEA office.

We do not overload our editors with more photographers than they can handle. As we hire more editors, we’ll match them with photographers on the waiting list.

When we are ready to add more photographers, we will set up a phone call with your editor to get you started.

To join EDIT fill out the form below to get on our waiting list!


LR Editing - $.30 / image

Cropping Only - $.10 / image

Culling - $.05 / image

Categorizing & Sequencing - $50


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