"As a photographer who really values a tangible, exquisite experience for my clients, I was in need of a print lab who could really deliver. I didn't want to just tell the families I photograph to print their pictures in the hope that they would last for years to come- with Musea Lab I am absolutely confident! The fine art quality, consistent attention to detail, the shared company values, and impeccable customer service is simply unmatched."

Tiffany Farley - tiffanyfarley.com


At MUSEA, we are dedicated to making archival quality prints for professional photographers.

Our photographers benefit from our lifetime guarantee on all our prints. 

If  one of our prints fades or yellows, let us know and we'll replace it.


Luxurious Papers

 We've tested 25 of the world's best papers from 7 different paper companies and did critical side by side comparisons to determine the superior papers on the market.

When you order from us you are getting the best of the best!


Archival Matting Services

Did you know that cheap mat board will yellow in a short amount of time? We prevent this by only using the best mat board and adhesives.

We use cotton Museum Rag Board, acid free linen tape, pH neutral book binding glue and acid free transfer tape.

With our matting process your work is guaranteed the best possible solution for long term protection and a classic presentation.


Custom Framing

Quality wood frames that are custom cut and assembled with care.

Our frames are made of 100% solid wood. They are not made of cheap composite wood with fake veneers glued on top. We also dovetail the corners to provide superior bonding strength.

Our frames are built to last over a century!


The amount of attention we put into each print will keep you from dealing with inconsistent color and products with a low standard of quality.

 Our archival prints require several steps of production before they ever leave our workshop. At every step we are checking to make sure that each individual print meets our level of quality. If a print doesn't pass our quality control we reprint before if ever gets to you. 

This means that each 5x7 is given just as much attention as each 24x36.

We know your clients can get prints made from many places, but they don't have access to a lab that takes as much time and care as we do. Our goal is to give professional photographers museum quality products that aren't given the mass production treatment.

Your images are special and they should be treated as such.


"The beauty of Musea’s prints cannot be completely understood until you hold one in your hands, and once you do, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less. My clients are consistently amazed how beautiful their new portraits look on such a tangible substrate, and I love being able to provide them with a product that isn’t available to the consumer market. My print sales have increased as a result, allowing me to see more of my work in print and also adding to my bottom line."

Leigh Rippsfresh-light-photography.com



780 million people lack access to clean drinking water and 2.5 billion lack access to a toilet!

When you support the MUSEA Lab, you not only get high quality prints, but you also help give someone hope and a future!