Do you do test prints?

Yes we do! Simply visit

Remember, we only serve professional photographers. We will not do test prints or paid orders for the general public!


What countries do you ship to?

We only ship to photographers in the United States and Canada.


How do I place an order?

To place an order log into your Musea account or create an account HERE

Then go to the Lab menu at the top and place your order there.


What's your turnaround time?

2-4 business days for unframed print orders.

2-3 weeks for framed print orders

We ship mainly Priority USPS, which is 2-3 days travel time inside the US. It's 10-14 days to Canada. For bigger boxes, we ship FedEx.

Frames have 3 week turnaround for orders within the US and 4-5 weeks for orders to Canada.


Do you have a printer profile?

We sure do! Instructions are HERE


Can you add a border to my prints?

You betcha! We only add borders upon request though.

If you request a border we use a 1/4" border by default, but can do any thickness you wish.

As you are placing an order, simply let us know in the Order Notes that you would like a border added to your images.

We maintain the print size you purchase by reducing your image to a smaller size, which allows us to add the border and still retain your designed dimensions. For example, if you order an 8x10 with a 1/4" border we will make your image 7.5" x 9.5" and add a 1/4" border, which gives you the 8x10 size you ordered originally. 


Who do you use to ship your packages?

We currently use USPS and most packages are shipped Priority USPS. Our goal is to eventually switch to UPS or FedEx, but we need to reach certain volume thresholds before receiving enough of a discount to switch over. If we switched over right now, we'd have to triple our shipping fees and no one wants that.

We will continue to reach out to UPS and FedEx a few times a year to see what discounts they can offer us based on how many packages we send out weekly.


Why is your turnaround slower than the more popular labs in the US?

The main reason is because we use a completely different paper and printing process than them. We print exclusively on Hahnemühle paper and it's not the type of print you can pull directly from the printer and package the same day. Our prints require at least 24 hours to dry after being printed, then we spray them, manually cut them and package them. Throughout this process we are looking for issues on each individual print. If a problem is found, then we have to reprint and start the process over again from the beginning.

On top of that, every single file and every single print is handled by a human being. Our printing process does not allow us to automate our workflow entirely through software and machines. A human has to sit at a computer and prep each order for the proper size and paper type. Then there is the drying process, the hand spraying process, the manual cutting process and packaging process. It takes time, but we believe they are worth the wait!