Do you do test prints?

Yes we do! Simply visit musealab.com/testprints

Remember, we only serve professional photographers. We will not do test prints or paid orders for the general public!


What countries do you ship to?

We only ship to photographers in the United States.

You can sign up for our Canada List at musealab.com/canada
We hope to reach other countries as we grow.


How do I place an order?

To place an order log into your Musea account or create an account HERE

Then go click on the 'Create New Order' button at the top.


What's your turnaround time?

3-5 business days for unframed print orders.

5-7 business days for canvas.

3 weeks for framed print orders.

We ship mainly Priority USPS, which is 2-3 days travel time inside the US. For bigger boxes, we ship UPS.

Do you offer rush Options?

There are 2 rushing options.

1) Is faster shipping, but our production time stays the same.

In this situation you need a faster shipping option. This is normally UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Overnight but we get to maintain our normal production times listed on our site.

We will invoice you for the upgrade in shipping whenever we weigh and measure the box. This varies a lot and depends on shipping speed, destination address, weight and box size.

2) Is where you need faster shipping AND you need us to move your order ahead of photographers that ordered before you.

In this situation you are asking us to stop working on other photographers orders and make your order the priority. This often causes other photographers orders to be later in our production times and their clients now must wait a bit longer for their order.

In this scenario we will charge you a 30% rush fee of the products you need attention given to AND you will need to pay for the shipping upgrade.


Do you have printer profiles?

We sure do! Instructions are HERE


Can you add a border to my prints?

You betcha! We only add borders upon request though.

Request your specific border width in the Order Notes.

We maintain the print size you purchase by reducing your image to a smaller size, which allows us to add the border and still retain your designed dimensions. For example, if you order an 8x10 with a 1/2" border we will make your image 7" x 9" and add a 1/2" border, which gives you the 8x10 size you ordered originally. 


Who do you use to ship your packages?

We currently use USPS and UPS. Smaller packages are sent USPS. Larger packages go UPS.