Just like our prints, we use the absolute best materials within our frames to give your clients the comfort on knowing their photographs will be around for multiple generations

We offer custom framing made from responsibly harvested solid wood frames that are assembled by hand. This means no veneers or cheap wood.

You can select between 9 different color options, 4 wood species and 2 frame profile widths.

You’ll choose between our Standard Acrylic and Museum Acrylic.

We use abrasion resistant and 99% UV blocking acrylic, Museum Rag mat boards, Artcare Archival Foam Board and each frame is carefully finished with an acid free and puncture resistant dust cover. 

All of our frames include Beehive Hangers and come ready to hang out of the box.

Our goal is to give your clients the most archival framing possible.



  • 99% UV-shielding and Abrasion Resistant Standard Acrylic or Museum Acrylic

  • Frame profiles are 3/4" wide and 1.5" wide

  • Mats are custom cut, acid free, lignin free, 4-ply with a bevel edge.

  • Archival Foam Board featuring MicroChamber® technology which absorbs and neutralizes harmful gases.

  • Acid-free, buffered backing paper that won't harm artwork and won't puncture like everyday craft paper.

  • Wall bumpers

  • Beehive Hanging Hardware

  • Care instructions

  • Framed prints shipping within U.S. have a 3 week turnaround.






We offer 11 different frame styles and each comes in a 3/4" wide profile and a 1.5" wide profile.

3/4" Wide Profiles are 1" Deep

1.5" Wide Profiles are 3/4" Deep

Below you can click on the images for an enlarged view of the color, grain structure, and texture.



Standard ACRYLIC vs. Museum Acrylic

Both of our acrylics block 99% of UV Light and both have an abrasion resistant coating.

The main difference between the two is that Standard Acrylic shows glare and Museum Acrylic has an anti-glare coating.

In the examples we placed the framed print opposite of a window, which you never want to do, but we did for illustration purposes.

Notice how on the left the glare completely blocks the edge of the mat vs. the right you can see the edge of the window mat.


Standard Acrylic shows glare (upper right)

Museum Acrylic greatly reduces glare (upper right)




With our custom framing you have 3 choices for matting. You can choose to have us frame your print without a mat or with a 2" or 4" mat border. If you choose not to have a mat around your print, we will put spacers between the acrylic and the print so that the paper doesn't touch the acrylic.



We recommend a 2" mat border for prints 16x20 and smaller.

We recommend a 4" mat border for prints 20x24 and larger.


When choosing this type of framing option, the image you are ordering needs to be the same size as the frame. For example, you would order an 12x18 print with an 12x18 frame.



The absolute best way to protect our prints for the longest amount of time is by getting them framed behind glass or plexiglass. This gives your clients the highest level of protection against UV light and dust. To clean your frame we suggest using a feather duster to gently remove dust from the frame edges.

DO NOT use glass cleaner on MUSEA frames. The cleaners can leave the acrylic looking foggy and not clear.

DO NOT use paper towels to clean acrylic. Paper towels can scratch the acrylic. It’s recommended to use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to gently wipe away dust.

We suggest you either offer our framing services or work with a local framer.