Print of a   Katie Merkle   Photograph

Print of a Katie Merkle Photograph



The Museum Case is full of details and numerous materials that result in a classic enclosure to be enjoyed for centuries.

You will have the option to choose two different fabrics and one cotton rag paper option for the interior. This gives your Case a luxury feel with the various materials and colors highlighting the design. 

One fabric will go on the outer case. Another fabric will go on the tray walls, sides of the case and the interior '4th Wall'. The handmade cotton rag paper will line the interior trays of the Case.

The 11x14 Museum Case is double walled. The walls are twice as thick compared to the single walled construction in the 8x10 Museum Case.

We have two sizes of Museum Cases available: 8x10 and 11x14

Choose between Conservation Mats or Museum Mats within each Case.

Both designs hold up to 10 matted prints and we can make them deep enough to hold up to 20 matted prints.



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