Refer other photographers to MUSEA and

they get 10% off their first order and

you get 5% MUSEA Credit back from all of their orders.


Yep! ALL their orders...forever!

The Referral System encourages you to mentor other photographers on how to sell our products successfully.

The more photographers you help build sustainable businesses through MUSEA, the more credit you get for your own studio!


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1) Go to your Profile in the upper right of the navigation bar.

2) Set your Referral URL and Referral Code. (See photo)

3) By naming the end of your Referral URL it will also assign that as your Referral Code.

Tip: Keep your Referral Code simple. One word or phrase is ideal.

4) Share the URL or hyperlink it through your website, blog, social media to connect referrals to your account

5) Share your Code and they can enter that within the normal sign up screen to link to your account.



Near the top of your home screen along with all your lab orders you'll see 4 green boxes. These are your total number of referrals, your new referrals this month, your current available credit and your Referral Report.

The Referral Report will list everyone that has signed up under you. It will show their first and last name, email and how much credit you’ve received from them. You can also download the entire Report via CSV if you’d like to take their emails and put it into an email list.




To use your credit, place an order and on the checkout screen click on the "Discount/Apply Credit" button.

Then click ‘Use Credit’ and it’ll apply it to your current order.


Our vision for the MUSEA Referral System is to give back to all the photographers that help grow our business. By mentoring and sharing MUSEA with other photographers, you will receive credit that you can use on your future MUSEA purchases. We believe this creates a wonderful situation for you to help others successfully sell our products by helping them build a sustainable photography business.